3 step for Norton Setup: MyAccount, Downloading & Installation, and Activate

Norton antivirus software is a product of Symantec. It is one of the world top brands in digital security field also. Norton setup in computer alert us to protect from virus, malware and malicious software that create by hackers. And also help us to solve and remove it from computer. We know that these hackers activity steal our sensitive information like Account details, Credit-card’s detail and etc..

If you want to set up Norton antivirus then you’ll have to do some following steps:

These 3 simple steps of Norton setup can help you to easily download, install and activate Norton product on computer.

  1. Create Id at Norton MyAccount page.
  2. Downloading & Installation of Norton.
  3. Enter Your Norton Product key.

1. Create Id at Norton MyAccount page.

Norton offers to subscribers that they can manage subscription from Norton MyAccount itself. Go to www.norton.com/setup MyAccount page. And login.

sign in Norton my account

If it’s your first time then create a account to manage Norton setup.

Create MyNorton account

2. Downloading & Installation of Norton.

Oh! yeah. You had been want to download Norton antivirus. So; Log-in at norton.com/setup and go to “download form”. Choose your product software according to your PC and click on ‘Download’ button.

Note: (i) You can find ‘Download form’ under Product section.
(ii) Please, First read the Product criteria for system. It may different for different model.

After downloading you must agree with the terms and condition licence agreement. Click ‘I agree’ and install software on your computer.

Note: The same process also to do download Norton 360 with product key or download Norton security premium.

3. Enter Your Norton Product key

Norton Product KeyAfter Installation you’ll see Norton Icon on computer screen, Double click on it. You must activate your product to get full features of Norton. Enter your product key and activate.

Hurray! Now, it installed in computer. Stop! Firstly, scan your computer and wait for result. If your computer free from viruses, automatically it’ll show in Green colour otherwise it’ll show red that means some malicious programm in your computer. Just delete or manage according to known programm and enjoy after green signal.

Have a good Day.
Norton Setup Support.

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